Cafe World

1.0.93 for Android



Cook dishes from all over the world in your own restaurant


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Cafe World is a super fun managing and cooking game that invites you to turn into a chef, farmer, waiter and accountant and manage a restaurant where absolutely everything that you cook is produced by your business. Enjoy all kinds of recipes and serve millions of clients from all over the world with this entertaining game.

Your objective here is to cook all kinds of dishes with the ingredients that you grow yourself. So, you have to plant all the vegetables, fruits and cereals, feed the cows, chickens and other animals, start all kinds of other small businesses that can help you create other ingredients and have a great variety of options so you can innovate in the kitchen.

You also have to bargain with your neighbors and take care of clients with peculiar tastes; these are part of the challenge. Rise to the next level to find new recipes, earn more money and enjoy this adventure by becoming the best restaurant around.
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